Welcome to Vintage Sheet ID (Formerly Vintage Linen ID)! By using my catalog, you can click on menus like Brand Name, Background Color or Categories or you can find sheet names using simple search words, just like you do on google by typing them in the search box. Anything you see on your sheet pattern will give you results like colors (in sheet or background), ruffles, lace, stripes, lily, lion, or a collection name like Vera, Ultracale, etc. You no longer need a brand name or label for results. Or you can just browse through the database! This site is under construction with content added daily. There’s more info and resources under the “Resources & More Vintage Sheets ” tab. Thank you and Enjoy

CATALOG STATUS as of November 2022:

  • ❁Actively Working on Canadian Sheet Patterns, Eaton’s, Sears Canada & All Canadian Brands.
  • ❀New Category – Store House Brands – US: Included Belleair, Bonnie, Calvert, Grants, Kentshire, etc
  • ❃Adding New Brand – Kentshire, Happy Home, State Pride
  • Updating & Adding To Brands – Belleair, Burlington, Bibb, Calvert, Ely & Walker, Fruit of the Loom
  • Updating & Adding To Brands – Wabasso – New Patterns Identified from Wabasso, Eaton Wabasso & Sears Wabasso
  • New Patterns / New IDs for Brands – Wabasso, Heritage, Elegance, Caldwell, Springmaid, Burlington
  • Major Update to Category – Retailers / Stores to search through all brands both US & Canada (under construction). Will be including individual store histories for each retailer celebrating the last 100+ years of Department Stores, Dry Goods, Variety Stores & Discounters.
  • New Sections added in brand categories. Some are Brand Specific, like private label manufacturing & multi-brand sheet patterns.
  • Springmaid / Springs – Currently working on along with VintageSheetPatterns.com (700+ Patterns)
  • New Category – Colorways / Predominant Colors to search through all brands (under construction)
  • NEW: Categories under Themes (works for all brands at once) Country Options, Retailer Options, Dates Options. (All Under Construction)
  • Database of Manufacturers/Brand Owners/Retailers (Under Construction)
  • Belleair – Complete
  • Bonnie – Complete
  • Calvert – Complete
  • Ely & Walker – Complete
  • JCPenney/Penney’s – Currently working on (over 650 patterns including bedspreads, drapes, curtains) & new categories added
  • Wabasso & Tex-Made – Under Construction
  • Burlington – Under Construction
  • Eaton’s & Sears / Simpsons-Sears – Under Construction
  • Lady Pepperell – Under Construction
  • Next VTM Other Brands – Splendor etc
  • Next Other Canadian Store Brands
  • ALL other Brands under construction at this time.
  • ALWAYS looking for hard to find, rare and unknown patterns of any brand.
  • Need any sheet patterns & packaging from Store House Brand Sheets
  • Have any photos of the patterns that need a photo? Please email them to webmaster@vintagesheetid.com. Thank you for your continued support.

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