Bibb Aster

Bibb Aster

Bibb – Aster 1973

No-Iron Percale Type 130. Floral pattern with Asters in bouquets. Single Color Pattern

Tags: floral, flower, flower, bouquets, aster, asters, blue, pink, yellow, purple, green, garden, leaves, turquoise

X-Ref: Same Pattern:  Bibb Meadow Flower & Sears Meadow Flower

Pattern Information

Year 1973 .
Colorways Journal and Courier 6/26/73 .
Fabric Type Sheet set .
Collection Journal and Courier 6/26/73 .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheet set .
X-ref / Related: See Tab Below Journal and Courier 6/26/73 .
Catalog Floral .
Catalog Product Number Bibb - Meadow Flower & Sears - Meadow Flower (pattern same, colorways different) .
RN / CA / WPL Number Bibb, floral, flowers .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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