Bibb Cherbourg Trellis**

Bibb Cherbourg Trellis**

Room Concepts by Bibb – Cherbourg Trellis (Le Chateau Ensemble Collection by Gerard Cleach)

Le Chateau Ensemble Collection includes Cherbourg Trellis, the sheets, Cherbourg Bouquet, the bedspread & Cherbourg Ribbon the draperies.

Room Concepts’ Ensemble Collection by French artist Gerard Cleach. Inspired by centuries old painting and frescos on the wall of the Castle Guryeres in Switzerland. Charming and romantic with subtle and delicate pink and blue flowers along a trellis pattern with green leaves on pale yellow ground. Flat sheet and cases have eyelet trim edges. No-Iron Percale. 50/50 Cotton/Poly.
X-ref: Cherbourg Bouquet, Cherbourg Ribbon.
*Only photos available are of Cherbourg Trellis the sheet pattern. Need photos of Cherbourg Bouquet and Cherbourg Ribbon.

Pattern Information

Year 1979 .
Colorways Multi .
50/50 Celanese Fortrel Polyester/Cotton No-Iron Percale .
Fabric Type Room Concepts No-Iron Percale .
Collection Le Chateau Ensemble Collection .
Designer Gerard Cleach .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases, Sheet Sets (3pc/4pc), Bedspread, Draperies .
Bibb Cherbourg Bouquet, Bibb Cherbourg Ribbon .
RN / CA / WPL Number RN30517 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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