Burlington Brazilia

Burlington Brazilia

Burlington – Brazilia 1977
Contemporary and vivid abstract watercolor print in browns, beiges and terracotta oranges and in blues and greens. No-Iron Percale 50/50 Kodel Polyester/Cotton. Colorways: Brown/Beige/Terracotta, Blue/Green. Brazilia Ensemble: Sheets and Cases, Seamless Quilted Bedspread with No-Iron Percale Top, Drapes, Coordinating Towels. X-ref: Burlington Water Ways *Pattern is identical to Burlington Water Ways by Vera; however, its colorways are different, the tags are listed as Burlington only and no mention of Vera is on the packaging.

Pattern Information

Year 1977 .
Colorways Brown/Beige/Terracotta, Blue/Green .
50/50 Kodel Poly/Cotton No-Iron Percale .
Fabric Type No-Iron Percale .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases, Quilted Seamless Bedspread, Towels .
Burlington Water Ways .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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