Burlington Madrigal

Burlington Madrigal

Burlington – Madrigal / Collection: Sheets, Towels, Bedspread. *Scenic fantasy from a medieval castle garden with deep blues, mochas, reds. Referred to as “Garden of Eden” & a “Holy Grail” pattern. 50/50 No-Iron Percale
Tags: tapestry, squirrel, cottage, fairy tale, landscape, waterscape, botanical, birds, quails, pheasants, oranges, trees, fairytale, storybook, floral, bushes, foliage, mystical, magical, stream, river, cranes, animals

Pattern Information

Year 1977 .
Fabric Type Sheet Set, bedspread, drapes, towel set .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheet Set, bedspread, drapes, towel set .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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