Burlington Rainbow Stripe

Burlington Rainbow Stripe

Vera Collection by Burlington – Rainbow Stripe 1970
One of the first patterns released in 1970 for The Vera Collection by Burlington which was a first in the world of sheets. Sheets designed by a prominent designer would become very popular as a result of this original collaboration. Mod Stripes and rainbow arches in multiple colorways by the artist Vera Neumann. This sheet and its color evolutions have been very difficult to track. Several colors were added along the way and no master list of actual color names has been found so far. Each store that sold it seems to have slight changes in the names in their ads; however, here is a breakdown of the colorways. Colorways: 1970: Brown-Black, Orange-Yellow, Red-White-Blue, Red-Pink, Violet. 1971: Yellow-Gold, Pink-Rose, Lilac-Purple, Orange-Gold-White. 1972: Brown-Black-Beige, Lime Green. 1973: Jade Green, Sun Orange. 1974: Sunny Peach. Rainbow Stripe, as well as all of Vera’s other designer sheets were made to be mixed and matched with Vera’s solid color sheets as part of her design system. First release in the original collection was called “Vera Boutique Palette” and later release “Vera Solid Color”. X-ref: Burlington Vera Boutique Palette, Burlington Vera Solid Color Sheets, Burlington Vera Collection.

Pattern Information

Year 1970 .
Colorways Brown-Black, Orange-Yellow, Red-White-Blue, Red-Pink, Violet, Yellow-Gold, Pink-Rose, Lilac-Purple, Brown-Black-Beige, Lime Green, Jade Green, Sun Orange, Sunny Peach, Orange-Yellow-Gold. .
Vera 50/50 Kodel Polyester/Cotton Never Never Iron Percale Type 180 .
Fabric Type Vera No-Iron Percale Type 180 .
Collection Vera Collection .
Designer Vera Neumann .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases, Bedspreads, Towels .
Burlington Vera Boutique Palette, Burlington Vera Solid Color Sheets, Burlington Vera Collection .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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