Texmade Daisies - Eaton

Texmade Daisies – Eaton

Eaton Haddon Hall – Daisies 1971 (Private Label for Eaton’s by Dominion Textile / Tex-Made Permanent Press)
Diagonal Rows of Daisie. One in color, one in white on colored ground. Popular Eaton’s pattern. Name given in Eaton’s catalogue is “Daisies” however could have been released and named via advertisement by Eaton’s at a later date. Marking this pattern as “name unconfirmed” in case that happens. Colorways: Pink, Blue, Gold. Sheets and Cases. 100% Cotton. **Corrected: Tex-Made Perma Press Private Label with an Eaton tag.
**Eatons Fall & Winter Catalogue 1971

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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