Elegance Symphony

Elegance Symphony

Elegance – Symphony 1973

Beautiful geometric print shape with precise shades and daring colors. Symphony Pattern looks like music notes in two-tone colors. Colorways: Red/Pink, Orange/Brown, Blue/Purple, Possibly More. 100% Cotton No-Iron Type 135. Sheets and Cases.
•This sheet has been posted in multiple places over the years as the “Wabasso Keys” sheet but it was actually made by Dominion Textile (Texmade) for V.T.M. Varitex. Sold under the Elegance Label, white tag CA00027.

Pattern Information

Year 1973 .
Fabric Content 100% Cotton Type 135 .
Fabric Type No-Iron Cotton Percale Type 135 .
Colorways Red/Pink, Orange/Brown, Blue/Purple .
Designer Dominion Textile .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases .
RN / CA / WPL Number CA00027 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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