JCP Amanda

JCP Amanda

JCPenney – Amanda 1972
Bright and lively colorful floral design with large flowers. Brilliant floral print on Acetate Taffeta with cotton backing. Quilted Throw style Bedspread, pinch-pleat curtains. Colorways: Blue, Yellow, Pink **JCPenney Fall and Winter Catalog 1973

Pattern Information

Year 1972 .
Colorways Blue, Yellow, Pink .
100% Acetate Taffeta, Polyester Fiberfill/Cotton Backing .
Fabric Type Acetate Taffeta Bedspread and Curtains .
Collection Fashion Manor .
Coordinates / Ensemble Quilted Throw Style Bedspread, Novelty Curtains, Curtains .
Catalog JCPenney Fall and Winter 1973 .
Catalog Product Number C722-0080, C722-0106, C722-0114, C722-0155, C722-0205, C722-0429 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

Pattern Notes

*Need Photos of Pattern

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