JCP Arlington

JCP Arlington

JCPenney – Arlington 1974
Early American colonial look of Toile. Comes in five colors. Fully quilted throw style bedspread with poly / Rayon fill and poly backing. Draperies are rayon / cotton and foam backed.

Pattern Information

Year 1974 .
Colorways Royal Blue, Bright Red, Goldenrod, Dark Coffee, Moss Green .
Poly/Rayon, Thermal Acrylic Foam Backing .
Fabric Type Poly/Rayon Bedspread & Draperies, Poly Fiberfill/Backing .
Collection Fashion Manor "Early American" .
Coordinates / Ensemble Fully Quilted Throw Style Bedspread, Draperies .
Catalog Penney's Spring & Summer 1970 .
Catalog Product Number C721-4612, 4620, C731-0048, 0055, C731-0121, 0139, 0204, C731-0220, 0246, C731-0279, 0287, C731-0295, C768-0390 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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