JCP Ballerina

JCP Ballerina

Penney’s – Ballerina 1963
Dancing ballerina in a pink and blue tutu framed by flowers and leaves traced on white tufted chenille ground. 70/30 Cotton/Rayon. Chenille Bedspread, Matching Draperies and Rug. Penney’s 1963 Fall/Winter Catalog. X-ref: JCPenney Cowboy

Pattern Information

Year 1963 .
70/30 Cotton/Rayon Tufted Chenille Bedspread .
Fabric Type Tufted Chenille Bedspread .
Coordinates / Ensemble Bedspread, Matching Draperies, Rug .
JCPenney Cowboy .
Catalog Penney's Fall and Winter 1963 .
Catalog Product Number A722-2458 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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