JCP Bedroom of Roses (Bed of Roses)*

JCP Bedroom of Roses (Bed of Roses)*

JCPenney – Bedroom of Roses Ensemble “Bed of Roses” 1956
Bedroom of Roses Bedroom Ensemble creates a room of breathless beauty with 8 available pieces. “Bed of Roses” Tailored easy-care sanitized cotton bedspread with a delicate rosebud pattern with cord welting and 22″ self-ruffled drop. “Bed of Roses” Comforter has a Nylon cover with roses. This fluffy comforter is filled with Dacron polyester to resist matting. “Bed of Roses” Blanket come in a polyester version with nylon binding or the more expensive and heavier wool version. Colorways: Pink, Blue, Gold. Coordinates include: Bedspread, Comforter, Quilt, Blankets, Draperies, Café Curtains, Valance and Pillows. Also available are Rondo Percales in 36″ wide fabric perfect to make any additional coordinates. *Need Photos

Pattern Information

Year 1956 .
Colorways Pink, Blue, Maize .
100% Cotton Bedspread filled with Dacron Polyester .
Fabric Type No-Iron Bedspread with Self-Ruffled Drop .
Collection Bedroom of Roses Ensemble .
Designer Penney's .
Coordinates / Ensemble Bedspread, Comforter, Quilt, Draperies, Valance, Blankets, Rondo Percales .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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