JCP Country Fair**

JCP Country Fair**

JCPenney Fashion Manor – Country Fair 1972
Fashion Manor. Colorful floral print with scattered Chrysanthemums and violets on white ground. Penn-Prest No-Iron Muslin. Colorways: Pink/Marigold, Lavender/True Blue. Sheets and Cases.
**Note: Another pattern has been listed on Pinterest as being Country Fair. This other pattern was the “Special Buy” sheet from the 1972 Fashion Manor Collection, while Country Fair was part of the “main lineup” or most popular sheets of that group. It has been incorrectly posted on Pinterest as “Country Fair” due to a few JCPenney Ads putting the photo from it on the listing for Country Fair. Further research shows multiple ads with the correct photos and information, including the fact that Country Fair is muslin, while this other sheet is Percale. Unfortunately, I still have not yet found the name for this sheet as it does not seem to be listed anywhere. X-ref: JCP Unknown FM72 & X-ref Lady Pepperell Aster Garden

Pattern Information

Year 1972 .
Colorways Pink/Marigold, Lavender/True Blue .
50/50 Poly Cotton Penn-Prest No-Iron Muslin .
Fabric Type Penn-Prest No-Iron Muslin .
Collection Fashion Manor .
Designer Lady Pepperell Private Label .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases .
JCP Unknown FM72, LP Aster Garden .
RN / CA / WPL Number RN16685 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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