JCP Fashion Manor Designer Collection

JCP Fashion Manor Designer Collection

JCPenney Penn-Prest – Fashion Manor Percale Designer Collection 1972
Fashion Manor. Sheets and Cases. Multiple prints included. All are Penn-Prest No-Iron Percale. Sheet patterns are identical to several Vera Collection by Burlington so all sheets in this collection are most likely Burlington Private Label. No reference for entire collection just a few names and drawings of patterns on ads. X-ref: Vera Collection by Burlington, Burlington Great Stripe, Burlington Unknown Vera 4 “Maze”, Burlington Unknown Vera 3 “Sunflower”

Pattern Information

Year 1972 .
JCP Maze, JCP Sunflower, JCP Le Mans, Burlington Great Stripe, Burlington Unk 4 Maze, Burlington Unk 22 Sunflower .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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