JCP Rosebuds Everglaze*

JCP Rosebuds Everglaze*

JCPenney – Rosebuds Everglaze Embossed Cotton Bedspread 1960
Cotton Rosebuds print bedspread with exclusive “Everglaze” permanent finish that comes out of the washing machine as crisp as tissue paper. Easy to care for and pretty to look at. No-Iron Bedspread is edged with a flouncy 4 inch floor ruffle and finished with white seams. Comes in several fashion colors. Colorways: Rose, Yellow, Green, Gold, Brown, Turquoise, Lilac. Bedspread, Drapes, Pillow Shams. *Need Photos

Pattern Information

Year 1960 .
Colorways Rose, Green, Yellow, Gold, Brown, Turquoise, Lilac .
Embossed Cotton with Everglaze permanent finish .
Fabric Type No-Iron Everglaze Embossed Cotton Bedspread .
Collection Everglaze .
Designer Penney's .
Coordinates / Ensemble Bedspread, Draperies, Shams .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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