Sears Rag Doll

Sears Rag Doll

Sears Perma-Prest – Rag Doll 1972
Perma-Prest Bedspread Ensemble. Bright and cheery Rag Dolls, patchwork Bonneted Lions, Bow Tied Dogs and Daisies all in a colorful all over print on white ground. Perma Prest No-Iron Throw Style Bedspread, Pillow Cover, Pinch Pleat Draperies, Cafe Curtains and Rod Pocket Valance. *Only white colorway listed in catalog. Unable to find anything about the photo of the yellow background.

Pattern Information

Year 1972 .
Perma-Prest 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend No-Iron Bedspread .
Fabric Type Perma-Prest Throw Style Bedspread .
Collection Perma-Prest Bedspreads .
Coordinates / Ensemble Fringed Throw Style Bedspread, Pillow Covers, Pinched Pleat Draperies and Rod Pocket Valance .
Catalog Sears Fall/Winter 1972 .
Catalog Product Number 24F 13868H, 13869-13875H .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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