Sears Canada The Birches / Birches - Burlington

Sears Canada The Birches / Birches – Burlington

Sears Perma-Prest – “The Birches” or “Birches) 1978
Featured in Sears Canada / Simpsons-Sears 1978 Catalog. Private label by Burlington (Burlington Perma-Prest)
Beautiful scenic print with cool colors in a forest setting along a stream with trees, foliage, boats and houses. Multicolor pattern with predominant colors of green, brown, blue and white. Resembles Burlington’s “Forest Stream” sheet but the colors are more muted and there’s more landscape detail. Perma-Prest No-Iron Polyester/Cotton. Sheets and Cases, Comforters, Bed Ruffle (solid color for coordinating).
X-ref: Burlington Forest Stream 1977

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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