Springmaid Bars and Stripes

Springmaid Bars and Stripes

Springmaid Combed Percale – Bars and Stripes 1968
Glowing bars and stripes in pink and gold or green and blue combinations. Arcs of color on the top sheet and pillowcase hems match stripes on bottom sheet. Coordinated solid colors can be used to mix & match. Colorways: Pink/Gold, Green/Blue. 100% Fine Combed Cotton Percale No-Iron Sheets. Sheets and Cases.

Pattern Information

Year 1968 .
Colorways Blue/Green, Yellow/Gold .
100% Fine Cotton Springcale Combed Percale .
Fabric Type No-Iron Combed Cotton Percale .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases .
RN / CA / WPL Number RN13720 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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