Springmaid Plaid Hem**

Springmaid Plaid Hem**

Springmaid Combed Percale – Plaid Hem 1954
Springcale quality 100% Fine Combed Cotton Percale. Springmaid Combed Percale Gift Set. Hemstitched Solid Color Hems with Woven Plaid hems. The color of the thin stripe on the plaid harmonizes with the solid color hem. Colorways: Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Rose. X-ref: Springmaid Bow Knot Hem, Springmaid Daisy Border / Daisy Hem. *Need Photos **New ID 08/2021

Pattern Information

Year 1954 .
Colorways Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Rose .
100% Fine Cotton Springcale Combed Percale .
Fabric Type No-Iron Combed Percale Gift Set .
Collection Combed Percale Gift Sets .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases Gift Set .
Springmaid Bow Knot Hem, Springmaid Daisy Border/Daisy Hem .
RN / CA / WPL Number RN13720 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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