Wabasso Chantelle

Wabasso Chantelle

Wabasso Percale – Chantelle 1968
Bold and bright multi-floral all-over design printed on Percale sheet and cases. Permanent Press and fitted sheets with Wonder Stretch corners in each end. Predominant shades of blue, pink, green, maize. Pattern was released in 1968 during the release of the BeDazzlers collection. It has a matching colored hem and white piping. Eaton’s has a version of this pattern released for their Century Sale under the Eaton label without the colored hem and with just two of the colorways, pink and blue with different colors combined (Pink and Blue on Pink and Yellow and Blue on Blue.) Colorways: Pink, Blue, Green, Maize. Pink colorway has orange and pink flowers on pink ground and blue colorway has blue and light blue flowers on blue ground. No-Iron 100% Cotton Percale. Sheets and Cases. X-ref: Eaton Bold Floral

Pattern Information

Year 1968 .
Colorways Pink, Blue, Green, Maize .
100% Cotton Percale .
Fabric Type No-Iron Percale .
Collection Bedazzlers .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases .
Eaton Bold Floral .
RN / CA / WPL Number CA00245 .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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