Wabasso Springtime - Sears Canada

Wabasso Springtime – Sears Canada

Wabasso Perma-Prest – Springtime 1976
Simpsons-Sears Canada Perma-Prest – Springtime
Private label for Simpsons-Sears by Wabasso. Pattern is available with the Simpsons-Sears label and is often confused with Wabasso Meadow Lane which has a Wabasso tag, larger flowers and slightly different colorways. Wabasso Springtime has smaller field flowers that are an all over print arranged in sprays. Colorways: Horizon Blue/Lilac, Strawberry Pink/Green, Lemon Yellow/Brown. Shown in Simpsons-Sears / Sears Canada Catalogue. X-ref: Wabasso Meadow Lane

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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