Wabasso Unknown 10 Sunflower Blue 🅦

Wabasso Unknown 10 Sunflower Blue 🅦

Wabasso Unknown 10 “Sunflower Blue” 🅦
🅦•Possible Woodward’s Exclusive
Wabasso Siesta “Sunflower Blue”
Wabasso Capri “Sunflower Blue”
Visual pattern matches original Wabasso Sunflower pattern from 1968; however, colorways and sheet line are different. This pattern may be exclusive to Woodward’s only. Information from Newspaper ads indicates that two different “Sunflower” matching patterns were available at Woodward’s from 1975-1977. They were Wabasso Siesta 100% Cotton sheets and show Shows 2 different color backgrounds but no colorways are given and ads are black/white newspaper prints. In addition to this blue pattern, there is also another Sunflower-like pattern that has been posted with a dark brown ground. This tag on this pattern notes that is 100% cotton and matches the tags on Wabasso’s Capri and Siesta sheet lines. No info on the Capri packaging found. Further research needed. Note: There seem to be multiple unknown/unnamed patterns that are exclusive to Woodward’s. I am currently looking into these as well and will update with any new information that I find. You will find a 🅦 symbol on these Woodward’s patterns.
X-ref: Wabasso Unknown 11 “Sunflower Brown”, Wabasso “Woodward’s” 🅦

Pattern Information

Year 1975, 1976 .
Colorways Lilac/Purple/Blue .
Siesta 100% All Cotton Muslin Type 118, Capri 100% All Cotton .
Fabric Type 100% Cotton .
Collection Siesta, Capri .
Coordinates / Ensemble Sheets and Cases .
Wabasso Unk Siesta - Sunflower Brown, Wabasso Unk Capri - Sunflower Blue .

Pattern Photos (Click Photo to Magnify)

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