Ogilvy’s / Charles Ogilvy Ltd / HBC (CA)

All Ogilvy’s / Charles Ogilvy Ltd / HBC (CA)

Founded: 1887, Charles Ogilvy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
In 1863 after moving to Canada from Scotland, James Ogilvy, Charles’ father, opened a stationary store. Charles followed his lead and opened a dry goods store in 1887. The store moved into a newly designed building in 1907. Ogilvy’s thrived in Ottawa’s local scene. Ogilvy’s was modernized in the 1940s & 1950s. In the 1960s, a second location opened in south Ottawa. They had a devastating fire in 1969 and survived it but they didnt do so well in the harsh economic climate of the 1980s. They merged with southern Ontario Robinson’s chain and operated as Robinson-Ogilvy until the early 1990s when the Ogilvy was dropped, and the store was renamed Robinson’s, ending an era. Robinson’s original store closed in 1992. By 1996, the remaining stores were closed. By the time HBC stepped in And acquired the rest of the Robinson-Ogilvy assets, the store had been closed for 4 years. The original building has been preserved with just the facades removed to expand the mall around it. In 2013 a Facebook page was created by fans of the store.

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