Robinson's / L.W. Robinson Co (US)

All Robinson's / L.W. Robinson Co (US)

Robinson's / L.W. Robinson's of Battle Creek / L.W. Robison Company
Robinson's Annex (formerly Toeller's Department Store), Battle Creek
Founded: 1888, L.W. Robinson Store (Dry Goods), Battle Creek, Michigan
Defunct: 1980
The original LW Robinson Dry Goods Store was located on Main Street in Battle Creek. In 1900, CW Post, recognizing the importance of LW Robinson as a merchant and for his store, invited him to move his store to the newly constructed Post Building on West Michigan Avenue. Robinson agreed and his store remained there for 51 years. He died in 1912. In 1947, the LW Robinson Co bought the Kresge Dollar Store while acquiring a the Irving Farley Arcade building. The new store began construction in 1949. They were bought by LS Good & Co of Virginia in 1970, who then purchased Toeller's Department Store in 1971, a few stores down from Robinson's for expansion. The Michigan Mall would eventually be built in 1975. LS Good filed bankruptcy in 1980 which resulted in Robinson's and Knapp's going out of business even though they were doing well.

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