All V.T.M. Varitex / Safdie & Co 🇨🇦

All V.T.M. Varitex / Safdie & Co 🇨🇦

V.T.M. Varitex Inc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Main operations are in Poland. CA00027
Brand owner of Elegance, Splendor, Nordana, Lady Vanity as well as Varitex / VTM Varitex (tablecloths/linens) and Value Pak (dish towels and dishcloths). Elegance and Splendor have been sold in Canada since 1961/1964. It is unknown whether or not they had a different owner in the beginning. In order to legally print “Made in Canada” on their packaging, all their products needed to be contracted with a Canadian Mill. VTM Varitex (or the original owners from the 60s) contracted with Dominion Textile, having them manufacture private label sheets & cases, and other bedding items for Elegance and Splendor (possibly the others). Brands). VTM Varitex trademarks were abandoned between 1992-1994 and the company was closed/sold. New Owner of Brand trademarks is Safdie & Co Inc, Mount-Royal, Quebec, Canada. All VTM Brands were re-assigned to Safdie between 2000-2004 and other Canadian brands were added to their company. Only active brand seems to be Elegance.
**Elegance – Used in Canada since December 1964. trademark registered 1985, live/valid through 2031. Sheets and Cases, Terry towels, dish cloths, tablecloths, mattress covers, blankets, pillow protectors and pot holders.
*Splendor – used in Canada since Feb 1964; however, trademark registered 1992, expunged, dead/Inactivated in 2009. Sheets and Cases.
*Lady Vanity – No Info, Sheets & Cases.
*Value Pak – used in Canada since 1991. registered in 1992. Abandoned, dead as of 1994. Dishcloths and dishtowels.
*Nordana – Used in Canada since Feb 1986. registered in 1985, expunged/inactivated in 2001. Terry towels, dish cloths, tablecloths, mattress covers, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, pillow protectors and pot holders.

**Leocraft – used in Canada since March 1964. Expunged/Dead Inactivated 1995. Table cloths and bedspreads.
**Lady Lee – used in Canada since Feb 1961. Expunged/Dead Inactivated 2007. Towels,Aprons, tablecloths, linens, bedspreads, mats, sheets, pillowcases.

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