Resources & More Vintage Sheets

Want More Vintage Sheets? I’m on Etsy!

MandasVintageFinds on Etsy  (Amanda Merheb)
MandasVintageFinds on Etsy!







Second Time Around Vintage Sheets & Linens Sales Group on Facebook





or you can visit Kimberly below (Site Under Construction)






Not looking to buy but want to learn more? Here are some more resources for you…

  • My Pinterest account, which is where I originally started this catalog and idea. There are over 4500 vintage sheet pins on my vintage sheet pattern board and I have other boards with vintage towels, bedding info, vintage ads and vintage home pins. Come back to my site often. I have far more content I will be adding here. You can either click the floating pinterest button on my site (look to your left ) or click below


  • Join us on Facebook in our Vintage Linen Enthusiasts Group where we share information & photos! click below



  • Or visit Kimberly’s amazing site, our sister website, Vintage Sheet Patterns. It’s a great resource that I help with whenever I can and she is a lot further ahead of me. Click the pic below








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